Uncompromising in investment standards, we have the expertise and strategic focus to advise our investors on long-term investment decisions that bring real returns.

REO Investments

We specialize in acquiring REO assets; stabilizing them and operating them with efficiency. We are always working to deliver the highest ROI.


Expert strategic advice and highly effective on-the-ground operational management enable us to secure optimum returns for our investors.


Our investment record and management style has allowed us to cultivate an excellent relationship with major lodging companies

invWe believe that to achieve success we must work closely with developers and investors to identify and seize unmissable investment opportunity, particularly during periods of growth. That’s why we continually strive to enable our clients to make well-informed investment decisions and offer expert advice to help you achieve ultimate flexibility and diversity in your real estate investment portfolio. With our support, you will feel empowered to make investment decisions with confidence.

At Vantage Real Estate Group we take great pride in our team of hotel management experts. Collectively we hold years of experience working with a number of leading hotels brands in the nation on hotel, retail and residential investment projects.

With our experience comes insight: we have an unrivalled understanding of the current real estate market; we know how to effectively manage significant and common issues such as over-development; we seek, identify and seize opportunity throughout periods of growth as well as decline; and, most importantly, we have a proven track record of successfully working with our clients to achieve enviable profit and growth.

To be effective in our work we evolve with market movements and introduce our clients to the most interesting acquisition and development prospects available. Our main goal is simple: to create long-term investor value and optimum returns for each and every client.


Oversight of purchase evaluation, underwriting and buyer transaction

Management of complete buyer support services


Delivery of a fully bespoke planning and investment strategy

Project management services, including renovations and major capital initiatives

Placing ownership interests and investment objectives at the heart of our approach


Working closely with developers to achieve investment objectives

Consult on current market status, issues and opportunities


Strategic approach to management, ensuring optimal operational performance

A proactive approach to property management that continually delivers

Advise on all brand and marketing positioning



Our experience in hotel investment is extensive. From new, off-plan projects through to complex REO asset projects, we have a strategic, highly experienced team on-hand to advise you about your next hospitality investment.

We aim to introduce you to the most exciting and exclusive investment opportunities within the hospitality industry, whether you’re interested in investing in big national brands or smaller, independent hotels, we are confident we can find the right opportunity for you.


Opportunities for residential real estate investment in apartment buildings and REO homes continue to grow. It’s an area we consider representative of sound investment: need for housing continues to increase, meaning demand is likely to exceed supply in future years.

We work to provide our investors with a selection of diverse and unique residential properties that offer great prospects for long-term investment returns. We utilize research-driven investment strategies to ensure our clients receive current, market responsive advice.


Retail is an interesting and diverse area for investment. Covering a wide scope of properties from places to shop, eat and work, retail real estate bring to the forefront properties that are often well-positioned in prime high traffic, high pedestrian locations. As such, they can be considered as extremely attractive investment opportunities.

We bring our clients a portfolio of potential retail properties from across the US and focus on opportunities that project long-term growth potential. At Vantage Real Estate Group we maintain and continue to improve our invested assets through proactive management and forecasting.


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